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Brenda McCutcheon


Deacon of the Month

February 2018

Barbara Sanders


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February - Poem

God's Valentine Gift
~ By Joanna Fuchs ~

God's Valentine gift of love to us
Was not a bunch of flowers;
It wasn't candy, or a book
To while away the hours.

His gift was to become a man,
So He could freely give
His sacrificial love for us,
So you and I could live.

He gave us sweet salvation, and
Instruction, good and true--
To love our friends and enemies
And love our Savior, too.

So as we give our Valentines,
Let's thank our Lord and King;
The reason we have love to give
Is that He gave everything.


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Pastors message - February 

“Brothers and sisters, we ask you to respect those who are working with you, leading you, and instructing you. Think of them highly with love because of their work.”  1 Thessalonians 4: 12 - 13 (CEB)


Dear Saints and Friends of the First Presbyterian Church of Westfield,


Not As Easy As It Looks


John Killinger tells about the manager of a minor league baseball team who was so disgusted with his center fielder’s performance that he ordered him to the dugout and assumed the position himself. The first ball that came into center field took a bad hop and hit the manager in the mouth. The next one was a high fly ball that he lost in the glare of the sun – until it bounced off his forehead. The third was a hard line drive that he charged with outstretched arms. Unfortunately, it flew between his hands and smacked him in the eye. Furious, he ran back to the dugout, grabbed the center fielder by the uniform, and shouted, “You idiot! You’ve got center field so messed up that even I can’t do anything with it!”


Not everything is as easy as it looks. Maybe it’s time to give those around you a little more credit and support than usual.


We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Critical of another’s performance, thinking we could do such a better job at it, and then coming to the (sometimes painful) realization that what they do is not as easy or simple as we thought it to be.


Perhaps we learned that lesson when we had to pick up the slack for a spouse who was sick or out of town. Maybe we had to take over temporarily for our boss, and found ourselves reeling from the volume and the weight of the issues and situations that she or he has to deal with on a daily basis. Or it could be that we finally decided to try something that we thought would be easy – like writing – only to find that it’s a bit more difficult than we first imagined.


Whatever the case, we’re always presented with two very distinct pathways when we find ourselves in that situation. We can choose to swallow our pride, and admit that the task at hand is more complicated and difficult than we were previously acknowledging – and in the process, give those who are doing it a healthy dose of our belated appreciation, respect and gratitude.


Or, we can choose to ignore the difficult time that we ourselves have with the task at hand, and instead continue to play the “criticize and blame” game. It’s funny how maturity seems to come to those who choose the first pathway.


The Apostle Paul had something similar in mind when he wrote to the Thessalonians: “Brothers and sisters, we ask you to respect those who are working with you, leading you, and instructing you. Think of them highly with love because of their work.” (1 Thessalonians 5:12-13, CEB).


Not everything is as easy as it looks. Maybe it’s time to stop the “criticize and blame” game, work together toward realizing God’s promise of a “future filled with hope,” (Jeremiah 29:11), and give those around you a little more credit and support than usual.


Yours in Christ’s love and service,

Rev. Ron Sumption

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Mission/Outreach News....


Pennies for Hunger


Pennies for HungerOur church will again receive the "Pennies for Hunger" offering the last Sunday of every month in 2018.  During the month, have a jar or basket on your kitchen or dining room table.  Each member of the family may put in two cents for each meal. Then bring all the pennies the last Sunday of the month.  If everyone does this, you will be amazed at how much we can raise to help feed the hungry.  This would amount to about $1.80 per person each month.  Multiply that by 50 and we could raise at least $90 during that time, or more than $1,000 per year.


"Souper Bowl" Luncheon


Souper Bowl LuncheonThe Mission Committee invites you to its annual "Souper Bowl" get-together after church on Sunday, February 4.  Come and join your friends for a bowl of homemade soup, salad, bread and a dessert.  Coffee, tea and juice will be provided.  A suggested donation of $10.00 is requested along with a can of soup(s) which will be given to the Westfield Food Pantry.  There will be NO charge for children and/or students.


Westfield Community Kitchen


Community Kitchen2For the month of February, we will be collecting some much-needed items for the Community Kitchen.  The "Wish List" is as follows:  small dessert plates, napkins, paper towels, individual sugar packets, salad dressings, decaf and regular coffee, dry soup mixes, Jello, puddings, powdered creamer, canned carrots, chicken broth, biscuit mix, cake mixes, aluminum foil (wide), Sweet n' Low and bleach.  The Community Kitchen greatly appreciates our help!


Chosen International Medical Assistance 


ShoesChosen International Medical Assistance needs your shoes!  Everyone has shoes they are  no longer wearing, and don't know what to with, right?  Chosen International Medical Assistance partners with funds2org to collect your used shoes. The shoes (including sneakers, boots, sandals, etc.) will be used to create and sustain micro-enterprise opportunities for low income entrepreneurs in developing nations. They will also stay out of landfills, AND, the more shoes collected, the more money Chosen IMA receives to continue its ministries!  It's a Win, Win, Win!  You can drop off your shoes at the church office or drop in a box located at the Portage Street entrance. Please rubber band each pair of shoes together.  Thank you!


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"Dimes for Buckhorn."  In September we began filling three 2 liter bottles with dimes.  Each 2 liter bottle results in approximately $400.  The bottles are located at the entrances to the sanctuary or you can bring them

to the church office.  


Buck(s) for Buckorn Children & Family Services:  There will be a box labeled "Buck(s) for Buckhorn" at the  entrances to sanctuary.  One dollar at a time we can help financially support at-risk children at Buckhorn Children & Family Services.

Buck for buckhorn

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cash for causes

the simple solution to community fundraising


As a church we continue to participate in TOPS Markets "Cash for Causes" program. We have purchased TOPS "Cash for Causes" gift cards that are available to church      members and friends.  You pay the cash value of the card and the church earns 5% on each card sold.  We all buy groceries!  There is no additional cost to you; you simply use the gift card.  Cards are available in $50 and $100 denominations.  Please call   (326-2643) or stop in the church office to purchase a gift card.


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 Donate Now

'Donate Now' button 


The church has a "Donate Now" button on our website ~  To donate to our church and ministry simply click on the donate tab located on the right hand side of the Website.  You will be directed to a secure Pay-Pal site to 

to complete your donation.  The Church greatly appreciates any and all contributions!


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liturgistNeeded: Person to be Liturgist; not difficult or hard


Here’s a job that can be done sitting down, making a few phone calls, politely asking for assistance and fulfilling an important responsibility only twice a year – all for your First Presbyterian Church!


That’s right. However, when you read what all the above means, you might have another way of doing it. So, here’s the “skinny,” skinny being description of becoming the one who makes sure that every Sunday has a liturgist not only helping the parson, but also having the opportunity to be part of the service. You then be known as the one who signs up liturgists for every Sunday!


Here’s one easy way to fulfill your responsibility: First, you list the Sunday dates – first January through June; last July through December – then put that list in The Chronicle (two months before needed). Also, ask each current liturgist to make known the need during church announcements.

When all Sundays have been covered, you fill out the listing with dates, full names and email addresses. When finished, email to each person listed, Polly and pastor.


God be with you,

Ann E. Weidman

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Per CapitaThe PER CAPITA is an amount of money assessed each member of the local church for the administrative costs of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church  the Synod of the Northeast, and the Presbytery of WNY.  The church pays approximately $35.00 per each active    member of the congregation for the Per Capita.


Any contribution to help defray the cost of the Per Capita expense would be  appreciated.  Please make your check payable to First Presbyterian Church,   earmarked "Per Capita ~ Ecclesiastical Apportionment" and mail to the church office or place in the offering plate on Sunday mornings.  


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bibleThe following devotional was submitted by Ruth Stacy for the 2017 Advent devotional booklet.  The booklet was not published so we wanted to share Ruth's devotion.

"This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins."                    1 John 4: 10

"When I was a little girl I had a doll named Sleepy Sally.  When I needed to fall asleep I would hug Sally and sing "Jesus loves me!  This I know for the Bible tells me so..."  It felt like having warm arms wrapped around me.  I am now in my late 80's.  My body is experiencing much pain reducing my physical abilities greatly.  I can no longer chew or taste.  My doctors do not have an explanation for my condition.  I want to tell others that I care when they are hurting but more so we can trust Jesus to be those loving warm arms that I remember and that we all need."

"Dear Lord Jesus, I am forever grateful for your love, care and omnipotence that guides and comforts us.  Amen."

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wish list1


In order to furnish the kitchen with needed supplies the Women's Association is sponsoring a kitchen shower.  There will be a specially marked box for collection located outside the office door.

Items Needed are:

Dish Towels

Dish Clothes

Pot Holders

Dawn Dishwashing Liquid

Quart & Gallon Ziploc Freezer Bags

Quart & Gallon Ziploc Storage Bags

Kitchen Size Garbage Bags

Vanity Fair Dinner Napkins

Styrofoam Dessert Plates

Paper Towels

Regular and Decaf Coffee

Collections will be accepted during the month of February.  Any items donated will be much appreciated.

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If we were….


If we were knives, Lent would be a time to sharpen out cutting edges. If we were cars, Lent would be a time for an oil change and a tune-up. If we were swimming pools, Lent would be a time to filter the dirt out of our water. If we were gardens, Lent would be a time to fertilize our soil and dig out our weeds. If we were carpets, Lent would be a time to get power-cleaned. If we were VCR's, Lent would be a time to clean our heads and adjust our tracking. If we were computers, Lent would be a time to overhaul our disk drive. If we were highways, Lent would be a time to repair our cracks and fill our chuckholes. If we were TV sets, Lent would be a time to adjust our focus and our fine-tuning. If we were silverware, Lent would be a time to clean away our tarnish. If we were batteries, Lent would be a time to be recharged. If we were seeds, Lent would be a time to germinate and reach for the sun.


But we are none of these things: We are people who some times do wrong things; we have to atone for them. We are people who sometimes get spiritually lazy; we need to get back into shape. We are people who sometimes become selfish; we need to stretch out of our narrowness and begin giving again. We are people who sometimes lose sight of our purpose on earth and the immense promise within us; we need to regain our vision. And because we are also people who sometimes tend to put those things off, we need a special sort of official time to concentrate on doing them. So we have Lent. The Easter candy will taste sweeter, the Easter flowers will bloom more brightly, the Easter Sunday sun will shine more warmly if we are a better people – and all because of how we spent these forty days.  

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


A Prayer for Lenten Grace


                                             Loving God,

                                             During the sacred season of Lent, bring me closer to you.

                                             Prepare a place in my home and heart for silence and

                                                    solitude, so that I may re-discover the grace of a

                                                    prayer-full life.

                                             Help me to fast from those things that threaten the

                                                   well-being of body and souland remind me of the

                                                   grace of simplicity.

                                             Enlarge my heart so that I give to those in need and, in

                                                   so doing, re-discover the grace of gratitude and


                                            May this season be a grace-filled time to

                                                   rekindle my love for and faith in you.


^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 


Habitat Day:  Lend-a-Hand


The Chautauqua Area Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian Ministry that welcomes to its work all people dedicated to  the cause of eliminating poverty housing.  They are currently working at 35 Backman Avenue, Westfield Avenue, Westfield.  There is a job for everyone; no special skills  required.  The work session are Saturdays from  8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


If you would like to provide refreshments for the Habitat Volunteers please contact Debbie Caruso at Hurlbut Church, 357-4045. Refreshments are needed for Saturday mornings at 10:00 a.m.

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Saint Pauly

St. Pauly Textile, Inc.

Clothing Drop-Off

Located at Lakeshore Assembly of God - East Main Street.


We are sharing the letter from St. Pauly Textile that the Westfield Ministerial Association received:

"Thank you for continuing to collaborate with us on the St. Pauly Textile clothing drop off shed project.  In 2017 roughly 19,103 garments of clothing were donated to your shed.  This was enough to clothe an estimated 2,316 people.  This clothing is being used right now by people in one or more of 44 different countries (including the U.S.) to which our clothing is likely to have been distributed this past year.

Your organization raise $1,132.92 in 2017 through hosting this shed.

We ask that you continue to spread the word about the clothing shed to other community members.  Thank you for all your support!"

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Presbyterian Women

PW Movie nightOn February 15, the Presbyterian Women will be showing the movie "The Shack" at 7:00 p.m. in the church parlor. In a world where religion seems to grow increasingly irrelevant "The Shack" wrestles with the timeless question, "Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain?"  The answers will astound you and perhaps transform you.  If you have time, we recommend that you read the book before coming to the movie.  Feel free to bring a friend.  All are welcome.  Popcorn and beverages will be provided.  Hope to see you on the 15th!  The meeting the following month, March 15th, will feature a discussion of the movie.

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Chicken  Biscuit DinnerCHICKEN & BISCUIT DINNER

Monday, February 26

5:00 to 6:30 (or until sold out)


First Presbyterian Church


Everyone is welcome!

~ Hosted by the Westfield Hospital Auxiliary ~


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Prayer Concerns4

Prayer Concerns

A special prayer that you'll be blessed with tender care and needed rest, warm thoughts of friends that mean so much and most of all, God's healing touch.



Members of Our Congregation 

Kay Hall, Gwen Farver, Ruth Stacy, Doc and Dorothy Near, Betty Reid, Enid Beadle, Bev & Les Yeaney, Norma Vanderpool, Ethel Scarpine, Lillian Saunders,  Mark Robbins, Gloria Wakeley, Ann Wise and Barb Lynn.


Family and Friends of our Congregation

Darrell Colgrove,  Mary Grygier (Sister of Elaine Parker), Mike Strada (Brother of Elaine Parker) Abigail Jopek, The Pandolph/Peary Families (Friends of John Daily), Cathy Vilardo-Strobl, Cindy Harper, Cody Crandall and Holly Wise.


Our Servicemen

Chief Petty Officer, James "JD" Watkins (Grandson of Betty Reid)



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Celebrations of Eternal Life...


Our deepest sympathy as a congregation is extended to the families and friends upon the death of their loved ones:

Judy Wilkins ~ Wednesday, December 27, 2017

(Sister of Joan Allen)

Mary K. "Marikay" Kimball ~ Wednesday, December 27, 2017

(Mother of Marilynne Northrop)


Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all who have lost loved ones recently. 


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Fresh Flowers

Nothing quite like REAL flowers! 


In 2018 we will continue the effort to have fresh flowers in Church every Sunday.  The Church Sanctuary is a living place and a place to experience all that God has created.  Flower donations are made directly to the church.  A donation of $25 will cover the cost for one week. If you  request "Special" flowers, i.e. roses, you will be notified of the additional cost so a donation can be made to cover the overage.


Please call the church office/326-2643 to request a week in 2018 for flowers in memory or in honor of a special person.


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Income through December 31, 2017: $116,055.02

(Pledges Paid to Date: $55,007.35 ~ 84% paid)

Expenses through December 31, 2017:   $173,500.88

Investment Funds used through December 31, 2017:   $56,700.00


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February birthdays


 We all join in extending Greetings

and Best Wishes for a Happy Birthday.

May this day be Richly Blessed

With Peace and Joy and

Everything that makes for Happiness


Mae Machemer



Bill Bills

Ralph Bohall

Timothy Truitt


Larry McGuinn

Brenda Steele


Dean Mead


Jennifer Barber-Banschback


Dean Gollnitz


Ryan Norton

Cole Tenamore

Montana Truitt


Mindi Guest

Al Hall


Carolyn Bills


Barry Wright


Peter Bills

Mary Beth Boyle

Ople Gollnitz

Erica Sanderson


Gini Gollnitz


Jeremy Riedesel



A special Anniversary Prayer...

That God's Eternal love

Will fill your heart this day

With joy and blessings from above



Cindy & Doug Norton


Bonnie & John Wysard


Trudy & Wade Gollnitz



Calendar of Events - January


Sunday, February 4

10:00 a.m.

Christian Nurture ~ Adult Education

Choir Rehearsal

11:00 a.m.

Family Worship

12:00 Noon

"Souper Bowl"  Luncheon

Monday, February 5

7:00 p.m.

Mission/Outreach Meeting

Wednesday, February 7

9:00 a.m.

Worship & Music

Sunday, Feburary 11

10:00 a.m.

Christian Nurture ~ Adult Education

Choir Rehearsal

11:00 a.m.

Family Worship

Thursday, February 15

7:00 p.m

Presbyterian Women's Meeting

Sunday, February 18

10:00 a.m.

Christian Nurture ~ Adult Education

Choir Rehearsal

11:00 a.m

Family Worship

Monday, February 19

Presidents' Day

Church Office Closed

5:00 p.m.

Session Meeting

7:00 p.m.

Deacon Meeting

Sunday, February 25

10:00 a.m.

Christian Nurture ~ Adult Education

Choir Rehearsal

11:00 a.m.

Family Worship

12:00 Noon

Coffee Hour

~ Hosted by the Deacons ~

Monday, February 26

5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

~ or until sold out ~

Chicken & Biscuit Dinner

5:00 p.m.

Special Session Meeting

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Valentines day poem